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Learning PHP-Introduction

PHP is a server-side scripting language that can be a powerful tool for building dynamic page.

Out of the goodness of this programming language are as follows:

- Widely used

- Free of charge

- Perfect replacement for Microsoft

Learning PHP-Introduction

A simple code in php :


2     <!DOCTYPE html>


4     <html>


6     <body>


8     <?php


10     echo "My first PHP script!";


12     ?>


14     </body>


16     </html>


And the output of the above code:


2     My first PHP script!


Prerequisites for PHP training :

It is suggested that if you are not familiar with the following tutorials, to continue learning PHP, they read:

- HTML Tutorial

- Learning CSS

- Learning JavaScript

PHP stands for the words "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor" is considered.

PHP is an open source software. (Open Source)

PHP is a server side scripting language. (Server-side)

PHP can be found for free download and use.

Interesting facts about php:

PHP is so powerful that the core web content system (Joomla) form.

PHP enough to be one of the largest virtual communities (Facebook) run.

PHP is so easy that beginners can also be used.

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